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[March 20 2013] : fashion

Jen Kao

Jen Kao by Oko Ebombo

New York based designer Jen Kao commissioned this video to celebrate her Fall/Winter 2013 collection in collaboration with French artist Oko Ebombo. Filmed on a Super 8 camera, the film has a nostalgic air and creates a visual space where fashion and music converge covering every aspect of the detail in the creative process the designer goes through to create the collection as it reaches the runway.

Full Credits: Directed and edited by Oko Ebombo, Music by Nami Shimada/Sunshower (remix Larry Levan_Haners edit) with Thanks to Mehdi Aboualiten/Romain Dauriac/Hami Delimi/Gael Foucher/Pierre Dixsaut /Theo Gennitsakis/Andi Hanley/Ill Studio/ Jay and Ali

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