Purple Art

[April 11 2017]

The 14th Factory Foundation’s art installation in an industrial warehouse near downtown, Los Angeles

The 14th Factory Foundation is an independent artist collective created by British artist Simon Birch. Located in an industrial warehouse near to Downtown Los Angeles, the project aims to develop collaborative works by a global community of interdisciplinary and international artists, bringing together elements of popular culture – from music to literature – in a new alternative space of collaboration, production, and transformation.

Through a socially engaged documentary film realized by Birch, the viewer is taken on a journey through 14 interlinked spaces comprised of video, installation, sculpture, paintings and performances. Most notable is the replica of the bedroom scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The set features it’s iconic illuminated white floor, ornate Louis XVI décor, renaissance sculptures and paintings. The original film set was designed by Harry Lange who had previously worked for NASA.

On view until April 30th at The 14th Factory, 440 North Avenue 19, Los Angeles.

Photo Gabriela Forgo

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