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[February 9 2015] : art

Infinite Pools Teaser

Infinite Pools Teaser by Alex Zandi

Purple TV presents the trailer for the short film Infinite Pools. A woman takes an unconscious pilgrimage to iconic sites of modernity. With each step invisible architectures emerge from the crumbling physical and virtual facades. Techno-utopian structures transform into pools of tidal waves and mass surveillance. The world becomes a flooded stage for her body to reconstruct. Director Alex Zandi explains, “Infinite Pools was created in New York City while being immersed in subway surveillance cameras, Edward Snowden’s revelations, and memories of Hurricane Sandy.

How can we believe in a world marred by such catastrophic forces, when our actions and ideology seem powerless to change the situation? In Infinite Pools, I do not aim to show how we can transform the world, but rather hope to affirm a belief in our bodies and their ability to render the world a canvas for play.” The full version of Infinite Pools will be screening in this year’s video art and experimental film festival circuit.

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