Purple Art

[March 25 2015]

“City Limit” curated by Colin Snapp at The Journal Gallery, New York

“City Limit” curated by Colin Snapp, brings together a body of work at the margins of society. The works investigate the technology and composition used to view the world with a focus on spaces often overlooked. Shopping malls and terminals are treated with the same sensitivity as landscape photography, accentuating how these peripheral environments seamlessly interweave with today’s culture. The familiar feelings of these spaces become uncanny when represented as works of art. A work by Trevor Paglen and Doug Rickard’s google earth images highlight modern surveillance techniques. Thomas Struth’s photograph of the Galleria Dell Accademia from the perspective of Michalengelo’s “David” accentuates the act of viewing. This exhibition presents human behavior in suburbanized environments, capturing un-stylized reality and the absurdity of everyday experiences. 

“City Limit” is on view until May 3th at The Journal Gallery, New York. Text and Photo Elise Gallant

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