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[February 3 2014] : music

Happiness Was a Light Sleeper / Herr Styler

Happiness Was a Light Sleeper / Herr Styler by Edouard Plongeon

Happiness Was a Light Sleeper is the sound of mysterious incantations at night from Paris-based duo Herr Styler captured by photographer/videomaker Edouard Plongeon. Out on February 3rd, this EP is the take off to a journey that will take us through an experience unlike any other in the electronic music world. The musical surroundings of pagan rituals. A musical talisman, this cinematic sound is what pop is longing to be. Melancholic overtones make this a worthwhile journey. Already gaining some praise and a huge momentum in France, music bible “Les Inrockuptibles” calls them one of their 12 “Acts to Watch in 2014.”

Starring Elodie Hachet – The One

Guillaume Atlan – The Shaman

Herr Styler – The Disciples

Editing & VFX by Benjamin Chavanne

Costume Design by Safia Sebouai

“Necklace Forest” and “We Are The Ones” are written and performed by Herr Styler.

Vocals on “We Are The Ones” by Claudia Sorvillo.

Produced by La Belle Records

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