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[December 4 2013] : music

FIN/ Anin

FIN/ Anin by Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Shot on a FLIR thermal/infrared camera (the technology used in drones and surveillance) in the basement of FITNESS Gallery with dance duo FlucT (Sigrid Lauren + Monica Julianna Mirabile). In it, the girls recreate La Pieta, puke hot and cold liquids into each others’ mouths, fight a pitbull, write graffiti, and scale fences. “The aesthetics/ideas in this video can be contextualized by my work in other mediums – specifically the portrayal of charged and ambiguous relationships/situations, and themes of sexuality and bodily abjection within the realm of girlhood. Here my interests align perfectly with the choreography developed separately by FlucT. Some of influences/references for this piece: Michelangelo’s La Pieta, pornography, Caravaggio, bulimia, the Granai airstrike video (released by wikileaks), Luc Tuymans, and Abu Ghraib,” says director Rebecca Fin Simonetti.

Director/editor/musician: Rebecca Fin Simonetti

DOP: Dimitri Karakostas

Dancers: FlucT (Sigrid Lauren and Monica Mirabile)

Assistant Directors : Dimitri Karakostas, Sigrid Lauren, and Monica Mirabile

Featuring: FlucT (Sigrid Lauren and Monica Mirabile), Rebecca Fin Simonetti, and Stephanie Covell

Audio mastering: Alex Unger





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