Purple Art

[October 24 2016]

“Sharps” Curated by Rebecca Fin Simonetti and Kathleen Dycaico at MAW, New York

“Sharps” curated by Rebecca Fin Simonetti and Kathleen Dycaico at MAW Gallery presented five performances that explored personal relationships with an analytical edge. Hayley Martell described fictitious strangers, asking the audience how they saw themselves in the scene. Whitney Mallett performed a Highland Dance around a mannequin boasting “World’s Greatest Dad”, humorously questioning ways we excel for familial attention.  Jerome Bwire and Gina Chiappetta chanted “incriminate the intimate” from within an amorphous cocoon, masking masculine and feminine energies in a struggle of fear, aggression, and trust. Nick Broujos and Josh Nukem explored the transformational qualities of friendship through magical thinking and brotherly rivalry. The evening culminated with Sigrid Lauren battling with external notions of self improvement and inner strength. “Sharps” honed in on places of connection in an increasingly isolating world.

Photo Elise Gallant

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