Purple Art

[January 13 2017]

FlucT, Sable Elyse Smith and Ivana Bašić “Without a Body” curated by SIGNAL at Andrea Rosen 2, New York

“Without a Body” curated by SIGNAL explores the body as a boundary between the self and the world.

FlucT’s “Alienated Labor” video layers metaphors of female stereotypes and work, questioning where to find genuine compassion. “Alienated Labor” subverts notions of feminine service, exploring labor in terms of motherhood, sexuality and consumerism. It critiques the ways that female bodies are viewed in relation to another as opposed to presented as inherently valuable. The projection of their video onto three panels provides both vivid detail and two dimensionality. Choreographers Monica Mirabile and Sigrid Lauren move in and out of a spotlight such that they are occasionally obscured in shadow or overblown with brightness. Alongside their critique of society is the strength of Mirabile’s and Lauren’s friendship, their ability to support each other and build community outside of the norms.

Ivana Bašić makes a specimen of tortured psychology. Presenting twisted torsos and effervescent blown glass. All her work has elements of suspension, but hardware ties the pieces down, capturing the extreme states as if to be studied and reflected upon. There is a dislocation between the emotional and physical realities which these works hold taut.

Sable Elyse Smith presents two poetic letter boards, using language to parse identity structures. Their straightforward presentation creates a wit and irony, generally these kinds of placards spell out visiting hours, church announcements or menus, but here they tenderly reveal ways that we mold ourselves around the realities of the world. Much of Smith’s work relates to the trauma of mass incarceration and her family’s personal history in relation to it. One work reads “My father was a drug dealer and loved me” another discusses an internalization of prison infrastructure such as glass dividers and florescent lights.

“Without a Body” is on view until February 4th at Andrea Rosen 2, 525 w 24th St, New York

Photo Elise Gallant

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