Purple Diary

[October 25 2017]

#houseofmolteni chapter 3 featuring American artist Doug Aitken shot by Olivier Zahm

We are pleased to release the third chapter of #HouseofMolteni, a project made in collaboration with the leading Italian designer furniture company Molteni&C.
This time featuring the American artist DOUG AITKEN.

“Doug Aitken is certainly one of the most important young American artists who is able to transform art into a multi-media experience which speak to everyone but also push the limits of art itself. In a recent show in Denmark, called “The Garden”, he invited the public to destroy household items in the middle of a tropical garden. Each visitors were invited to stay ten minutes in “The Garden”, with a bat and protective suit, in a bulletproof glass chamber surrounded by a beautiful green jungle. Visitors were free to do what they want and smash the tables, chairs and lights to pieces. The spectators were an active part of this installation while the process was recorded and live streamed for those watching from their screen on the artist’s website. With “Mirage” in Palm Spring, Doug Aitken encouraged the visitor to enter a house entirely made of mirrors, to reflect California’s Desert beauty and solitude, as well as contemporary narcissism. It was “like a human-scale kaleidoscope” said Doug Aitken”- OLIVIER ZAHM

Discover more about the #houseofmolteni here!

Photo Olivier Zahm

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