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— The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

junya watanabe s/s 2024


Junya Watanabe S/S 2024

Photography by CHIKASHI SUZUKI

Megumi Yoshida, style

Mona Kawasaki and Azu Kitagawa, models

Tsubasa Dicth, hair

Uda Kesho at Mekashi Project, make-up


For me, fashion is all about self-expression and, of course, business. 

Being Japanese and creating in Japan might influence my collections. However, I have always strived to design from a global perspective. 

New information inspires me every day, but I express it in my own way.

A great fashion show can have an impact on the world, but in that regard, I am not yet totally satisfied with my shows.

I’m happy to contribute to today’s fashion, even in a modest way.

I definitely find the present more exhilarating than the past. 

Regarding the future of fashion, some brands might choose to rely on AI to design and improve efficiency. But ultimately, fashion design depends on the knowledge, skills, and ethics of those who use these technologies. 

I see fashion expanding into many cultural areas, and that’s not a bad thing.

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The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

Table of contents

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