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— The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

cover #13 eartheater in guess usa s/s 2024


Guess USA S/S 2024

Photography by RICHARD KERN


Becky Akinyode, style

Dylan Chavles at M+A World Group, hair

Allie Smith at M+A World Group Using Lancôme, make-up

Leanne Woodley at She Likes Cutie, Nail Artist

Leander Capuozzo and Fletcher Kern, photographer’s assistants

Cyrenae Tademy, stylist’s assistant

Thao Huynh, tailor


The avant-garde pop artist and musician Eartheater recently released her sixth album powders on Chemical X, her personal label. Blending electronic experimentation with acoustic nuances, her music tackles the themes of erosion, lithification, and unending transformation. This album, a spectrum of sounds, switches from mutated dance music and folk balladry to trip-hop and torch song. A sister album, aftermath, will come out later this year.

[Table of contents]

The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

Table of contents

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