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— The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

anja rubik in saint laurent summer 2024 by anthony vaccarello


Photography by JUERGEN TELLER

Dovile Drizyte, creative partner

Laëtitia Gimenez Adam, style

Piotr Chamier at Streeters, casting director

Olivier Schawalder at Art+Commerce, hair

Masaé Ito at M+A World Group, make-up

Cam Tran at Artlist, nail artist

Emma Williams, photographer’s assistant

Giorgia Toscani and Alexandra Lefevre, stylist’s assistants

Lucas Rios Palazesi at Quickfix, postproduction

Farago Projects, production


This fashion story is an extension of Juergen Teller’s solo exhibition at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris, supported by Saint Laurent. It’s the most extensive retrospective of Teller’s radical and iconoclastic photography, covering multiple aspects of his work: intimate portraits of friends, family, and celebrities, provocative fashion editorials, disruptive campaigns, landscapes and still lifes, and many conceptual photo series and videos.

The exhibition’s title, “I Need To Live,” encapsulates Juergen Teller’s photographic essence, a vivid interplay of life and death. It begins autobiographically with a photo of the photographer as a baby, followed by a portrait of his mother looking through a crocodile head (reminiscent of Jacques Lacan’s metaphor of the mother’s desire), and evolves through snapshots of his life and his wife Dovile, culminating in images of his newborn daughter Iggy. Yet teller’s art delves deeper: each photograph is a visceral burst of existence, a strident moment expressing how life is connected to death, loss, and the fleeting passage of time.

The metaphysical dimension that one senses in the presence of his images is embodied in the colossal wooden cross that structures the circulation in the show. This leads viewers to islands of solitude for contemplating the accompanying videos and book-filled vitrines.

[Table of contents]

The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

Table of contents

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