Purple Magazine
— The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

cover #18 anja rubik in saint laurent


Photography by JOSHUA WOODS

Laëtitia Gimenez Adam, style

Yuji Okuda at Artlist, hair

Aurore Gibrien at Bryant Artists, make-up

Cam Tran at Artlist, nail artist

Mischa Notcutt at 11casting, casting director

Jordan Robson at Clm Agency, movement director

Quentin Farriol, Peter Keyser, and Joris Rossi, photographer’s assistants

Giorgia Toscani and Yousra Youssoufa, stylist’s assistants

All Design Pieces From Boon_Room, Paris

[Table of contents]

The Essence of Fashion Issue #41 S/S 2024

Table of contents

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