Purple Institute

[February 21 2014]

Read our interview with Maurizio Cattelan about his publication Toiletpaper in Purple Fashion magazine #21 out now

Francesco Bonami and Olivier Zahm — What’s a good recipe for an excellent TOILETPAPER image? What’s the biggest mistake you can make with an image in TOILETPAPER?

Maurizio Cattelan — Have you ever seen the “exploding whale” video from 1970? A dead whale is found on an American beach. The cheapest way of getting rid of the corpse seemed to be filling it with explosives. As you can image, it resulted in a massive, nasty flood of pieces of whale all over the place. Making TOILETPAPER is not so different. We’re playing with explosive ingredients, and we must carefully check that the right percentages are in the mix to avoid having the explosion get out of control. Sometimes even a little mistake is enough to obtain a disastrous deluge of debris.

Read more from our exclusive interview in Purple Fashion magazine issue 21 out now.

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