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[September 18 2014]

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CAROLINE GAIMARIAre you signed to a label?

PARIS HILTON — First, Warner Bros. asked to sign me, and I recorded “Stars Are Blind” and that album. I’m with Cash Money Records now. I’ve been friends with Lil Wayne and Birdman for almost 10 years now. They approached me already when I was with Warner Bros., but I left Warner because they were too rock ‘n’ roll and I’m more pop-EDM. I thought it was cool to move to Cash Money Records because they don’t really have any other artists like me. It’s good to mix the EDM with the hip-hop.

CAROLINE GAIMARIAre you really hands-on with the album?

PARIS HILTON — I wrote all the new songs that I am releasing. Now I am learning how to produce; I’m making my own tracks and my own remixes. That’s been fun to learn. I have my own recording studio at my house, and we make music here all the time. I have different producers and DJs working with me, and all my friends come over and just vibe together and make music. They teach me all the technical things!

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