Purple Institute

[September 9 2014]

Read our interview with Marianne Faithfull in Purple Fashion #22 out now

SABINE HELLERLater in your life, you had some rough patches.

MARIANNE FAITHFULL — That’s so sweet to say it like that!. But to be honest, it was a total decline. I fell apart completely. My son, Nicholas, was taken away from me. I went to live on the street. I became a registered heroin addict. I don’t think I could have gone any lower if I tried. And I wanted to die because I did love Mick, and leaving him was very difficult.

SABINE HELLERYou did actually try to commit suicide.

MARIANNE FAITHFULL — Yes, in Sydney. Mick woke up, saw what happened, and took me to a hospital where I went into a coma for six days. Thank god, I came out and I’m alive, and here we are. He saved my life, and that’s that.

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