Purple Institute

[October 3 2016]

Read the entire interview with New York’s emerging multidisciplinary artist India Menuez online now

“I’ve definitely been put in situations where I’m not considered seriously as an artist because I’m a woman, and because I’m a model and have a lot of followers in Instagram. So to certain curators, I’m not taken to be a serious artist. I’ve been cast aside in certain situations. Going back to why I engage with a community: it’s not only nice to do projects with friends, but it’s also nice to have a community to discuss ideas in a safe and productive way,” India Menuez in our interview for Purple Fashion.

“So if I can create my own context, with my own group, then I can make work more intelligently within a context, instead of being, like, picked up at random by a gallery and having my work taken out of its context and thrown into a white cube as a group show by a bunch of artists of whom I don’t know what their practice is about.”

Click here to read the entire interview with New York’s emerging multidisciplinary artist India Menuez by Olivier Zahm, with exclusive photos by Harley Weir.

Photo Harley Weir

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