Purple Travel

[May 22 2017]

Exploring the mid-century architecture, palm trees and power lines of Casablanca

You drive your car in Casablanca. Shortly after French protectorat was signed in 1912, the first large constructions were built outside of the old Medina. In order to regulate the real estate boom, a masterplan – much inspired by German and American experiences – propelled Casablanca in the history of modern cities : zoning, alignement, template, consolidation and car culture. New rules that France will not experience before the late 1940s.

As it became a new rendez-vous for modern living – both for Moroccans and foreigners – the city attracted urbanists, architects and landscapers inspired by the Art deco and Bauhaus movements. These buildings remain mostly untouched and can be seen Downtown, in Anfa and in CIL neighborhoods.

Text and Photo Olivier Bec


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