Purple Art

[March 9 2022]

“Dear Friend,” an exhibition by Dan McCarthy & Takuro Kuwata at Kosaku Kanechika, Tokyo

Contemporary ceramic art is said to have reached its peak around 2014. At the forefront of this new form were artists, Dan McCarthy and Takuro Kuwata. Now, ceramic art has become established as a field of its own in contemporary sculpture. The art of McCarthy and Kuwata entails not knowing the end result until the work is fired in the furnace, providing many insights for achieving freedom. What these two artists share in common is how they both bring out the characteristics of the material while showing their respect for it, but also view it objectively from the perspective of different cultures and generations, and in so doing, expand the context of ceramic material and pioneer a new realm of ceramic art.

On view now until  9 April 2022 at Kosaku Kanechika,
Terrada Art Complex 5F, 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Tokyo


Photos by Chikashi Suzuki

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