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[April 11 2018]

An exclusive preview to Chikashi Suzuki’s upcoming exhibition “A Fine Day in Tokyo”

On April 21st, KOSAKU KANECHIKA will be presenting Chikashi Suzuki‘s solo exhibition “A Fine Day in Tokyo“.

This exhibition will feature about 30 selected images from Suzukiʼs work throughout his career. Combining both photographs taken under direction and snapshots, as well as works that have never been presented before, this exhibition will offer the chance to sense the breadth of Suzukiʼs creative perspective, and will represent Suzukiʼs imaginative and thought processes. The photographs were all taken on film, disallowing the possibility of editing or retouching, and therefore adding an element of the unpredictable to mere technique and concept.

Together with the use of positive films and dates on his photographs, Suzuki is known for his unique technique of using of half-frame cameras, with which he creates multiple cuts on one sheet with reduced sharpness. Positive film also makes possible the expression of the particular humidity special to the city of Tokyo. This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see Suzukiʼs multifaceted practice, up until now mainly expressed in editorials, within an exhibition space.

“A Fine Day in Tokyo” will be on view April 21st to June 2nd, 2018 at KOSAKU KANECHIKA, TERRADA Art Complex 5F, 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

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Photo Chikashi Suzuki

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