Purple Art

[March 7 2014]

A visit to sculptor Ann Greene Kelly’s studio, New York

New York based sculptor Ann Greene Kelly works out a West Village studio not far from where she grew up as a child. Her sculptures are assemblages of stone, construction materials and day-to-day items. Kelly states that she uses these materials for their associative and physical qualities, like the memory of scraping her knee on concrete or the cold smoothness of a stone. Interested in how the practical concerns of making a sculpture are informed by experience, how the tightening of a belt both gauges the size of a waist and keeps pants from falling, she builds upon this. She consideris the spaces we fit into like clothing, furniture, architecture and other bodies and the way space holds an object, not just the space an object holds. Kelly’s work is now on show at Western Exhibitions in Chicago until March 8th and Louis B. James in New York until March 9th. Photo Johnny Knapp

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