Purple Art

[January 15 2014]

Bennet Schlesinger studio visit in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Johnny Knapp visits California raised multidisciplinary artist Bennet Schlesinger. Now based out of Brooklyn, Schlesinger’s last show On The Bleached Sun (A Turbine) at Signal in New York forayed both the painting and sculptural worlds resulting in a dialogue between his clean, minimalist sculptures and monochromatic abstract paintings. Hesitant before to identify himself as a painter as well as a sculptor, Schlesinger’s aesthetic transcends need to characterise his work by medium and is unified by a strong conceptual and intelligent air.  In the press release for On The Bleached Sun (A Turbine) Schlesinger quotes French anthropologist Marc Augé’s Non-Places which discusses the importance of the space of the in-between, of transit, a recurring theme in his practice. Photo Johnny Knapp and text Leah Gudmundson

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