Purple Art

[February 7 2014]

Frank Thiel “Nowhere is a place” solo show at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

Inspired by his first visit to Patagonia fifteen years ago, artist Frank Thiel returned in 2011 and 2012 to capture the glacial ice formations and changing landscape of Patagonia. The title refers to a book written by Bruce Chatwin and Paul Theroux which describes their impressions of these incredible landscapes. With the largest work nearly 30 feet long, the photographs pull you in and distort your sense of size and space just as being in the presence of these landscapes must. They are at once majestic and frightening – just another reminder that as humans, we are quite insignificant when standing at the foot of mother nature. Frank Thiel “Nowhere is a place” runs until March 22nd at Sean Kelly Gallery, 475 Tenth Avenue, New York. Photo Audrey Rose Smith

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