Purple Art

[February 26 2014]

India Salvor Menuez studio visit, New York

Co-founder of the Luck You Collective at the age of 15, a young crew who organize art shows, run zine workshops and bring together the bright young things of the downtown art world, artist-actress-model and New York City native India Salvor Menuez occupies a flat in the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan. The self-described misfit art collective have been hailed the heart and soul of the young New York creative scene. Menuez lives and works creating art that ranges from painting, sketches, and sculpture. A found object may occupy floor space in the apartment and live there as her or her artist boyfriend adjust and tinker with its form from time to time. Nothing seems too precious whether it is art or an object, yet at the same time everything seems to have rhyme and reason or a story how it ended up in her apartment or studio. Photo Johnny Knapp

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