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[November 24 2015] : Art

“Apres Eden, The Collection of Artur Walther” exhibition at La Maison Rouge, Paris
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“Apres Eden, The Collection of Artur Walther” exhibition at La Maison Rouge, Paris

Apres Eden at La Maison Rouge is an exhibition highlighting the exceptional photography acquisitions of Artur Walther. Working with curator Simon Njami, Walther presents his collection through a series of distinct rooms representing different aspects of the human experience. Highlights of the exhibition include Daido Moriyama, Kohei Yoshiyuki‘s series The Park, Nobuyoshi Araki, Karl Blossfeldt and Eadweard Muybridge.

Photo and text Juliana Balestin

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— F/W 2015 issue 24

Douglas Gordon

misfit marvel

interview by SVEN SCHUMANN

Scottish artist Douglas Gordon is best known for his video artworks, ranging from a slowed-down, 24-hour version of Hitchcock’s Psycho to a beautiful film of an elephant lying down in a white New York gallery. But the art world is not the only one to admire Gordon’s work. Football fans and film-lovers alike raved about his feature-length film, codirected with Philippe Parreno, Zidane: A 21st-Century Portrait, a study of the most well-rounded football player of his generation. The film follows Zidane for a full 90-minute game and was shot with 17 synchronized cameras. Gordon has also set grand pianos on fire, burned the eyes out of portraits, turned the Park Avenue Armory into a giant lake, and made a solid gold sculpture of two hands, which was famously stolen from Christie’s. His next endeavor awaits us in the world of theater.

SVEN SCHUMANN — You once said that art is a bit like sneezing in public, and the gallery stops it from actually getting on the meat. When was the last time you sneezed?
DOUGLAS GORDON — Well, my allergies are so bad that I can’t stop it. [Laughs] I was coming out of the bathroom at a Thai restaurant last week and sneezed as the waitress walked past. She was quite surprised. That was literally when it last happened.

SVEN SCHUMANN — What about when you did the piece with pianist Hélène Grimaud at the Park Avenue Armory in New York?
DOUGLAS GORDON — Yeah, because it was such a pressure for me that my use of various anesthetics was on a Champions League level. I should have been a little bit more careful.

SVEN SCHUMANN — You did say that from the moment you first stepped into the Armory, you wanted to piss all over it. That might have been part of it…
DOUGLAS GORDON — That was a bit of sneeze, true. An involuntarily evacuation of fluid from your body, or a voluntary one. I once got donkeys to piss on the floor in the Palais des Papes, in Avignon. That was a funny thing.

SVEN SCHUMANN — When was that?
DOUGLAS GORDON — It was while doing a whole suite of works in Avignon years ago....

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[November 24 2015] : Travel

A Trip to Casablanca
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A Trip to Casablanca

Photo Nadir Hajarabi