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[February 24 2017] : News

Rest in Peace Ren Hang (1987-2017)

Rest in Peace Ren Hang (1987-2017)

We are deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the passing of our friend and collaborator Ren Hang. We will miss him greatly.

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— S/S 2017 issue 27


Text by Donatien Grau 
Drawings/Azzedine Alaïa Gallery, Paris


pascALEjandro is a statement on true art and love. It began as a collaboration — for the sake of love — between the filmmaker and poet Alejandro Jodorowsky and Pascale Montandon, who was to become Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky, painter, stage and costume designer, poetic being. Alejandro drew the lines, which Pascale inhabited and transfigured with colors.

The moves were bold on both parts. Her paintings had been, until then, in black and white. He had collaborated with many of the world’s leading draftsmen, including, famously, Moebius; he was already widely recognized for his films, his poetry, his theater actions, his comics, his acts of psychomagic — but a painter he was not. He could only be one if the painter was not himself, but another being: pascALEjandro.

Drawing on the three final letters of Pascale’s first name and the three first of Alejandro’s, this is a new creative entity, a recreation of Plato’s original androgyne. pascALEjandro lives in an intense world; one could even argue that he functions as a device for intensification. Every drawing brings together sharp colors, making the world much brighter and livelier than it appears most of the time. There are symbolic creatures; there is distance toward groups, belief in the ultimate powers of the individual; there is magic rooted in the human being, the only way into actual transcendence. There is cruelty; there is tenderness; there are so many qualities that make us who we are when we exist as ourselves, truly.

These drawings are manifestos for a conception of life that would be truly humane and essential, and would separate itself from the dissemination of our hopes into the actuality of our lives. Some of them may seem fantasy -like — and yet they are more precisely accurate than any form of so-called realism. There is presence in each of those images and, as such, incitement for us to live our lives in the great lineage of the sacred.

pascALEjandro is by no means formalist art: it is a tool to improve our awareness of things around us and how we circulate amidst them. It is a creating creature, made from art and love, both merging into one mode of exist- ing in the world. And the enfant prodige would hardly limit itself to one form or another: a creature of painting, pascALEjandro is also...

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[February 24 2017] : Art

Doug Aitken’s multi-faceted ranch house “Mirage” as part of the Desert X in Palm Springs opens today, California

Doug Aitken’s multi-faceted ranch house “Mirage” as part of the Desert X in Palm Springs opens today, California

“Mirage” by Doug Aitken is a site-specific installation set in the Southern California desert. The shape is very familiar as it is inspired by typical suburban American ranch house, which was mass-produced after World War II and therefore part of the American landscape. However what’s notable is that the structure is entirely composed of reflective mirrored surfaces, looking like a giant kaleidoscope yet at the same time part of the landscape.
Devoid of any doors, windows, or other openings to create a fluid relationship with the surrounding environment, it becomes a real open-air observatory to watch at all times of day and night because the show will always be different.

On view until October 31th,... Read More

Courtesy of Doug Aitken

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[February 24 2017] : Fashion

Moschino F/W 2017 show, Milan
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Moschino F/W 2017 show, Milan

Photo Alessio Costantino

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