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[February 21 2017] : Art

A preview of Ren Hang’s new photobook edited by Dian Hanson and published by Taschen, out now !
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A preview of Ren Hang’s new photobook edited by Dian Hanson and published by Taschen, out now !

“It’s not just dicks I’m interested in, I like to portray every organ in a fresh, vivid and emotional way.” — Ren Hang

The controversial 28 years old Chinese photographer Ren Hang presents his new self titled book edited by Dian Hanson and published by Taschen. The book showcases Hang’s unique style and ability to challenge taboos as the forefront of Chinese artists’ battle for creative freedom, creating a new kind of imagery where even the most explicit sexual images are connected to nature with authentic purity. Men and women become androgynous forms blurred into one, challenging the traditional perception of beauty in China.

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— S/S 2017 issue 27

Fake News

In the 13 years since it launched, Facebook has become a tool unprecedented in its power and reach, used daily by more than a billion people across the world. Facebook functions like a public utility on a global scale — but one that is in private hands and dependent on financial capital from investors such as Goldman Sachs and revenue streams from advertisers; these factors influence how the company manages data and how it shapes the experience of its users.

In its effort to make the user experience as sticky as possible, Facebook inadvertently created the “ filter bubble” effect: they learned that people stay on Facebook longer when they keep getting the kind of news that grabs their attention. Therefore, they created sophisticated algorithms to support this tendency. What this has meant, in practice, is that people tend to see news and updates that con rm their own ideas, opinions, fears, and biases. Google developed in a similar direction.

The filter bubble effect has turned out to be an insidious design flaw — one that right-wing extremists, running sophisticated and well-funded political operations, exploit for their benefit. In the past, mainstream news sources like ABC News and The New York Times were easy to differentiate from low-level or fringe media. With the rapid development of the Internet as the primary source of news and information, this is no longer the case.

A Breitbart news article or an Alex Jones news broadcast no longer appears different in quality from a piece in Time magazine or a news anchor on CNN.
It becomes harder and harder for many people — already surfeited in cultural noise and distraction — to draw meaningful distinctions. Increasingly suspicious of mainstream media, they naturally gravitate toward alternative news that impacts them viscerally. The filter bubble effect has amplified this tendency, creating an echo chamber. People follow the news that meshes with their worldview — and exacerbates their prejudices.

In an amazingly short span of time, this has led to a crisis of institutional legitimacy that, as I write this, threatens the integrity of the United States Constitution, our governing institutions, and, potentially, the world as a whole. The extreme worldview of white supremacists and crackpot conspiracy theorists has now become the underlying ideology supporting the rapid, shocking rise of Donald Trump, a man who seems to have a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder, lacking...

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