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[July 23 2016] : JARDIN DES PLANTES DE NANTES LV OZ #purpletravel

[July 21 2016] : Art

An interview with Lizzi Bougatsos after her “The Last Hope” Performance at Museum of Arts and Design, New York
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An interview with Lizzi Bougatsos after her “The Last Hope” Performance at Museum of Arts and Design, New York

“The Last Hope” was a one-night performance piece held at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York in which Lizzi Bougatsos engaged with the late artist Harry Bertoia‘s mid-century Sonambient sculptures to create a partially improvised orchestral composition.

PAIGE SILVERIA — When did you first discover Harry Bertoia?
LIZZI BOUGATSOS — To be honest, I learned about him through Katerina Llanes who invited me to come and work with MAD. She and the chief curator at MAD, Shannon Stratton were working with Bertoia‘s heirs on the exhibition in general. When they came across the barn, I believe it was Shannon who wanted to invite a few selected musicians to... Read More

Text Paige Silveria and photo Pola Esther

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— S/S 2008 issue 9

Kishin Shinoyama

interview EKO SATO 
portrait by TAKASHI HOMMA 
photographs by KISHIN SHINOYAMA


Since the sixties, legendary Japanese photographer KISHIN SHINOYAMA has been photographing nudes. Highly respected by younger generations, he remains innovative to this day, continuing to create wave after wave of cult images — such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s kiss for their Double Fantasy album. The young actress Rinko Kikuchi, nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Babel, asked him to work on her first book of portraits, some of which are published for the first time here.

EKO SATO — In every decade that you’ve worked in, you’ve reinvented the vocabulary of the nude. How did you first approach this form?
KISHIN SHINOYAMA — The first time I shot a nude was as an exercise in style, back in 1961. Several students in my photography class surrounded an unclothed woman. We approached it as one would a drawing exercise. There was no communication with the model. We just sought her form. The human body’s charm is revealed as soon as it is unclothed. This is what interests me. My photographs from this session were published in a magazine under the title “Human Form.” I was very surprised that my first nudes made it into a magazine.

EKO SATO — In 1968 and 1969 you worked on the black-and-white series, Nude, which was shown at the Galerie Jousse Entreprise in Paris last October. In these photographs, lines are curved, graphic. One discovers a sculptural esthetic. How did this approach to the nude evolve?
KISHIN SHINOYAMA — At the time I was shooting photographs in unusual places, using wide-angle lenses. I took atypical poses in a surrealist manner. The idea was to capture the strangeness of the person and the body, calling into question common sense and normal expectations. These photographs were strong visually. Today I photograph both well-known and unknown people, and I work on revealing their lines, characteristics, personality, and talent. I’m interested in accentuating and extracting — bringing out the personality of the model, and creating a new personality, something photographically original. I don’t like photographing people who don’t like being photographed. I don’t enjoy creating a personality that isn’t there. Everyone has a story: his or her own life. I capture the power, the Eros, and the character of the body. I photograph the interesting and the unusual. Then I amplify it,...

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[July 20 2016] : Travel

A visit to Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Slovenia
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A visit to Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Slovenia

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park covers about 750 hectres in the extreme south western part of Slovenia, in the southern part of the Community of Piran. In northern part of the Nature Park the active salt-making is still taking place, while salt-harvesting was abandoned in the 1960s from the park’s southern area. The salt is produced in the traditional way based on a 700 year old method that harmonizes man and nature. Over the centuries, a unique habitat was formed for halophytic plants and animals and migrating birds. The cultural heritage, which reflects centuries of work by salt makers, is extremely rich. Salt, sea, and sun are unconditionally celebrated at the outdoor spa Vida... Read More

Text and photo Sasa Stucin

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Killer Road

Killer Road

By Soundwalk Collective and Jesse Paris Smith featuring Patti Smith


[July 19 2016] : As enigmatic in person as his bold photographs, #WilliamEggleston at his catalogue signing @davidzwirner on the occasion of his new show #WilliamEgglestonPortraits @nationalportraitgallery in London. Photo @whatsupflo #purplediary


[July 19 2016] : Seventeen sites around the world designed by the Swiss-French architect #LeCorbusier have been added to the @unesco World Heritage List for “Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement,” after two previous proposals to add the sites to the list were declined in 2009 and 2011. The list includes the modernist masterpieces ”. The Complexe du Capitole in #Chandigarh, the Unité d’habitation in #Marseille and the brilliant #VillaSavoye in #Poissy (pictured here) photo @asbfyi for #purplediary

[July 19 2016] : Art

Ashley Bickerton “Wall-Wall” exhibition opening at Tripoli Gallery, New York
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Ashley Bickerton “Wall-Wall” exhibition opening at Tripoli Gallery, New York

On view until August 8th, 2016 at Tripoli Gallery, 30A Jobs Lane, Southampton, New York.

Photo Mariah Ernst

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