Purple Art

[March 22 2024]

“The Undrinkable Can” art project from Qstnmrk, questioning the state of the modern human experience

The Undrinkable Can a bold art project from Qstnmrk, an anonymous collective of creatives forming a voice to question the state of the modern human experience. 

The concept is a satirical, eye-catching art revolution against Coca-Cola’s environmental and health impact, with each of the 1,500 custom-sealed cans becoming progressively more valuable – starting at $1 and soaring up to $1,500.

This project is a blend of creativity and activism. All proceeds will boldly challenge Coca-Cola on the stock market. By the end of the sale, 100% of the profits from “The Undrinkable Can” will be invested in a short against Coca Cola’s stock on Nasdaq, transforming the Art project into action.  

“The Undrinkable Can” was first unveiled at Zona Maco Art fair, in Mexico City, in February.

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