Purple Art

[April 11 2024]

“PRESERVATION” Exhibition at CØR Studio, on view until April 18th

A warm crowd gathered at CØR Studio in Paris to celebrate the opening of PRESERVATION, an intimate and ambitious exhibition curated by Paul Hameline and Paige Silveria. The exhibition delves into the theme of poetically safeguarding heritage through photography, sculpture, and installations by renowned emerging artists: Gaetano Pesce, Alyssa Kazew, Anthony Fornasari, Bill Taylor, Cecile Di Giovanni, Gaspar Willmann, Gogog Graham, Jordan Pallages, Ladji Diaby, Ron Baker, Simon Dupety, and Wolfgang Laubersheimer. In beautiful disharmony, the artworks on view come together to highlight the core and complexity of the human nature.

On view until April 18th, 2024 at CØR Studio. 

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