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[August 28 2018] : music

Watch Sons of Raphael’s debut “A Nation of Bloodsuckers”

Watch Sons of Raphael’s debut “A Nation of Bloodsuckers”

In waltz time, brothers Loral and Ronnel Raphael – aka Sons of Raphael – from North West London deliver a fully-fledged modern epic in the shape of new single ‘A Nation of Bloodsuckers’from their debut EP of the same name, to be released this September on Because Music.

“In the video my brother directed, the tensions between the self and non-self which my poem echoes, result in a failure to balance between self-preservation and self-sacrifice. Living in a culture abundant in superficial pleasure (as represented by the carousel), I take a pessimistic view that self-sacrifice remains the only solution, replacing the selfish act of destroying others and saving oneself which has become embedded in society, by taking my own life. There is a dramatic shift both visually and musically; the images and sounds which accompany these despondent lyrics are cheerful, representing in turn the multiple realities the world offers, a world whose very creator is himself ‘bipolar’: a fearsome warrior who punishes his people on the one hand and a nurturing mother on the other hand” — Ronnel Raphael

The band will be celebrating the EP’s launch with a free show at Thousand Island in London on 21 September.

Video directed by Loral Raphael
Cinematography by Manuel Alberto Claro
Poem by Ronnel Raphael


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