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[September 1 2016] : music

Told You I’d Be With The Guy

Told You I’d Be With The Guy by Cherry Glazerr

One of favorite young LA-based bands Cherry Glazerr have now signed to Secretly Canadian records and to celebrate they have released their new single Told You I’d Be With The Guy. The lyrics articulate the lead-singer Clementine Creevy‘s realization that she needs to consciously strive for solidarity with other women in order to combat the sexism that is ingrained in our culture and consequentially within herself. “I told you, told you I’d be with the guys / But I know better now / Than to be with the guys”, before snarling “I was a lone wolf / I thought I lost my pack / Where are my ladies? / I guess that was my fault”. Cherry Glazerr will be on tour this month and October, including Pitchfolk Festival in Paris.

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