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[July 13 2016] : art

The Making of “Sculpt”

The Making of “Sculpt” by Loris Gréaud

Purple TV presents the exclusive making of “Sculpt”, the first feature film by French artist Loris Gréaud starring Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Lonsdale, The Residents, Pascal Greggory, Abel Ferrara, Claude Parent, Voodoo Queen Priestess Miriam Chamani, and Betty Catroux, with an original soundtrack by The Residents.

In an exclusive interview with Purple Gréaud explains his dystopian science fiction, “We follow the thoughts of a man trying to make his path in a new world where obsessions are commercialized, produced, and collected. He is convinced he could enact the rules of this new order. Soon he discovers the violent and dystopian counterpoint and experiences the porosity of this market, that being the inner space, the economy as one single object and moment.” In this feaurette, made for Purple, we discover more about the process of the film, shot for 30 months around the world Gréaud worked closely with the late architect Claude Parent and Neuroimaging Researchers to design mental architecture for the film, as well as prepared and designed a one man theater to screen the film itself.

From August 16th LACMA in Los Angeles will screen the film for free. For the screenings LACMA and Gréaud offer an immersive environment to make a unique experience to each viewer. LACMA’s Bing Theater will be reconfigured for only one audience member at a time.”The film and the reconfigured theater are becoming a strange ‘tête-à-tête’ (a conversation between two people),” said Gréaud. “I like the idea of having a meeting with the project, and also that the film could somehow look at you.” All screenings are free and tickets will be released in the morning on the day of each performance.

Read more about the film in our exclusive interview with Loris Gréaud on purple Diary here!

Click here for more info on the screening http://www.lacma.org/sculpt#ticket-information

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