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[July 21 2015] : love

Memory Sceen (1991)

Memory Sceen (1991) by Alien Workshop

Memory Screen was a huge influence on me at that time. I wrote Kids when I was 19, I made Gummo when I was maybe 22. So I was just out of high school a couple years and that video was my favorite. As big as I was into movies at the time, and watching films and being influenced by certain films, Memory Screen was such a big deal for me. The weirdness of it was so close to how I grew up. The use of the footage, the music, the repetition, the degraded imagery, the kind of violence of it, the middle America sadness. It was a big deal. So when I was coming up with the idea for Gummo and how it was about a tornado, I needed a place and I knew it was actually in Xenia, which was on the back of the Memory Screen box,” says Harmony Korine in our exclusive interview about skateboarding on purple Diary. Read more here.

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