Purple Diary

[October 21 2016]

Loris Gréaud’s Sci-Fi Debut Film “Sculpt” premieres in Paris on November 7

Sculpt is the first feature film by French artist LORIS GRÉAUD. The science fiction film is a tale of a man who explores the concept of what experiencing beauty, thought, or obsession can be. “In Sculpt, we follow the thoughts of a man trying to make his path in a new world where obsessions are commercialized, produced, and collected. He is convinced he could enact the rules of this new order. Soon he discovers the violent and dystopian counterpoint and experiences the porosity of this market, that being the inner space, the economy as one single object and moment,” said Gréaud in an interview with Purple last July. After series of one-viewer-at-a-time screenings at LACMA’s Bing Theater, the film, featuring WILLEM DAFOE, CHARLOTTE RAMPLING, and ABEL FERRARA is traveling to New Orleans’ Vodoo Temple followed by an official premiere in Paris, organized by MK2 on November 7th. To attend the opening in the presence of the artist, you can register by e-mail, sending your name to l.gouge@heymann-renoult.com by November 4th.

Click here to watch The Making of Sculpt by Loris Gréaud

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