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[June 26 2017] : music

Red Feelings

Red Feelings by Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina

Purple TV presents Red Feelings by Parisian post-classical electronic composers Léo Hoffsaes and Loto Retina, taken from their first collaborative album “Early Contact” released today on PERMALNK, Paris. Hoffsaes and Retina split the composition synergistically – with Hoffsaes focusing on the characters’ emotions, and Retina on the textures and décor.

“I believe we all look for something that is larger than ourselves; what is more majestic, for an insect, to peacefully gaze upon the sinking of an ocean liner? The hyper-immersive character of Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina’s composition, which generates powerful subconscious visions is conducive to bewilderment. This time, the emotional thunderstorm one feels upon listening seems to come from a woman about to give birth, and so much the better.

So, for the duration of a day, we live in her interior, we could feel in her thoughts her son and her husband enjoying sensations which she is herself going through as part of her pregnancy.” – Bastien Vairet

Download the digital album here: permalnk.bandcamp.com!

Album produced, arranged, composed, and performed by: Léo Hoffsaes and Loto Retina.

Video directed by: Léo Hoffsaes, Andrea Montano and Loto Retina
Cast: Luna Cedron, Laszlo Chambon, and Denis Sixou

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