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[September 26 2016] : sex

Purple TV exclusive: Untitled

Purple TV exclusive: Untitled by John Kayser

To coincide with the new pop-up exhibition of photos and videos from the John Kayser archive showing tonight at 53 Rue de Seine in Paris, Purple TV presents an excerpt from one of Kayser’s lost films. Presented by FARAGO, the pop-up exhibition entitled Direct will show photographs and films made by Kayser in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

“This archive of photos and videos which was found in 2007 by a contractor cleaning out a house in LA. The works were made in secrecy by a man named John Kayser over the span of three decades (60s-80s). They depict his private obsessions with female beauty particularly his interest in women sitting on objects including himself,” said photographer and gallerist Max Farago. “The unique thing about the work is that John K. was as interested in the act of documentation as he was in fetish. The works are incredibly considered and composed. I feel that it is a really important archive. Steidl is working on a large book which will be released soon.”

John Kayser “Direct” is on view until October 4th, 2016, at 53 Rue de Seine, Paris.

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