Purple Diary

[September 26 2016]

The enigmatic photos by John Kayser arrive in Paris with the pop-up exhibition presented by FARAGO opening tonight

“Direct” is an upcoming pop-up exhibition of photographs and films by John Kayser. The artist spent most of his life in California, which has become a scene for his intimate pictures. Realized during the 60s, 70s and 80s, his body of work reflects obsessions with female beauty and fetishes. Working with Kodachrome and 8mm films, Kayser’s pictures are as enigmatic as the photographer himself, whose biography is a fragmentary collection of notes and papers discovered after his death in 2007.

Organized by FARAGO, the pop-up exhibition will open on September 26th at 6pm until October 4th at 53 Rue de Seine, Paris.

Watch the exclusive video from the John Kayser archives on Purple TV here

Courtesy of FARAGO

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