Purple Art

[May 9 2022]

Farago Tiwa in Marfa, Texas

Max Farago of Farago Gallery and Alex Tieghi-Walker of Tiwa Select join to take over a century-old adobe structure in Marfa during the Marfa Invitational 2022 art fair. In this austere domestic structure, they present a selection of outsider, folk and self-taught artists. With its 1950s kitchen counters, vintage furniture and tramp art shelves, the space exudes a quaint and charming feel—an outpost in the middle of the desert. The exhibition includes works by Noel Guzmán Bofill Rojas, Andrée Singer Thompson, Jim McDowell, Louis Mueller, Sandú Darié, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, E’wao Kagoshima, Jeremy Schipper, and John Kayser.



Photos and words by Aleph Molinari

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