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[December 15 2015] : love

Natalie White for ERA

Natalie White for ERA by Ivana Gloria and Connor Raus

Purple TV presents an exclusive video of Natalie White for ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) by Ivana Gloria and Connor Raus. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that would expressly prohibit discrimination against girls and women on the basis of sex. The Constitution currently does not guarantee equal rights for women. The ERA is an important statement of principle. The Constitution embodies the nation’s core values. Equality between women and men is a fundamental human right that should be guaranteed in the Constitution. Sex discrimination continues to limit equal opportunity and justice for women. Economic inequality, pregnancy discrimination, violence against women, and other forms of discrimination against women and girls are pervasive and leave women without effective legal recourse. State laws are not uniform and federal laws are not comprehensive. Moreover, these laws can be, and in some cases have been, rolled back anytime.

Next Spring Natalie White will focus on ERA for her next show. She will be organizing a march from NYC to Washington DC in protest for the Equal Rights Amendment. “We need to put pressure on our elected officials so that if they don’t support us we won’t vote for them; and on corporations that if they don’t pay women equally that we won’t  buy their products,” says White.

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