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Letting in the Light

Letting in the Light by Tony Farfalla

In the quiet town of Catemaco, located on the eastern shore of Mexico, there is a heavy mysticism that fills the streets. The power of the local brujos, or witchdoctors, is known by many throughout Mexico, and their magic is legend. The sick become well, lovers find their mates, and enemies are destroyed: all at the hands of these shaman. It is a world that calls upon ancient Aztec tradition and muddled Satanism to harness metaphysical power of great magnitude. “My time spent with the brujos of Catemaco, showed me the dynamic range in which energy can be collected. Both light and dark magic exist, and according to the shaman of Catemaco, both must be accessed to reach certain spiritual goals. While most people hide from the darkness of spirituality, these brujos embrace it with open hearts. Satan is celebrated and sought after for his assistance in magic,” says director Tony Farfalla. “In search of this darkness, I found myself at an annual ‘Black Mass’ in the jungle of Catemaco, and watched as the Devil was welcomed into the world.”

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