Purple Art

[February 27 2024]

Tali Lennox’ new solo show “Tremors” at Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles

In an anthropomorphic visual journey, Tali Lennox’s first solo show at Nicodim Gallery enlists erupting volcanoes, glowing forests, and mystical landscapes to explore the pleasure of submitting to the chaos and the power of nature. The phantasmagoric collection of works portrays a range of female bodies in varying states of capitulation to an onslaught of mother nature’s harshest elements, finding common ground between internal and external states of disorder. 

Originally inspired by the German anthology of illuminations Das Wunderzeichenbuch: The Book of Miracles, this exhibition takes the lead from Renaissance paintings that depict both biblical and folkloric tales with an apocalyptic flair. Potent explorations of feminine desire and fetishistic impulses are contrasted with the savage power of nature. Blending dreams and reality, bodies are mutated and distorted, organs are nonchalantly exposed and suits of armor are pierced with prismatic light. Bubbling volcanoes, fiery lava, and inescapably dark forests are depicted with forbidding detachment, as the exhibition explores the beauty in bedlam. 

A pandora’s box of magical realism and mythology, Lennox blends the medieval with the modern, pondering the human condition and our obsession with end-of-times narratives. Tremors takes the viewer on a hallucinatory journey with a body of work beckoning from a world that is at once a utopia and an apocalypse.


On view from February 26 to April 6, 2024. 


Nicodim Gallery

1700 S Santa Fe Avenue, #160, 

Los Angeles, CA 90021 


Text by Katie Brown

Images by Nicodim Gallery

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