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[October 18 2016] : music

Klerin Priest

Klerin Priest by TV Baby

Purple TV presents the music video premiere for TV Baby‘s”Klerin Priest”, directed by Timothy Saccenti and Zachary Krevitt.

Produced by Gabriel Andruzzi and mixed by Ewan Pearson, “Klerin Priest” by TV Baby is the second release through Deus Records, taken from their from a forthcoming album out Dec 12, 2016, which serves to solidify their new sound. Gabriel Andruzzi, multi-instrumentalist for pioneering post-punk revivalists The Rapture and a friend of Matt and Brian’s since their early, musically formative years in Washington DC, joins as producer, marking the trio’s first collaboration in over a decade. With throbbing synths, sweeping guitar, and lyrics both poetic and streetwise, TV Baby have created a sound that captures both the angst and optimism of their time.

Directed by Timothy Saccenti + Zachary Krevitt
Edited by Matt Posey
Additional visual effects by Tristan Wheeler
Production by Holographic Thorns
Written by TV Baby (Matthew McAuley, Brain McPeck)
Produced by Gabriel Andruzzi
Mixed by Ewan Pearson
Executive Producer Justin H. Miller
Deus Records 2016

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