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[April 17 2015] : music


Jell-o by Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink releases the new video for Jell-o, directed by Dan Kapelovitz. Dedicated to the late Kim Vincent Fowley (1939-2015), the track is featured on Ariel Pink’s new album ‘pom pom’, available to buy on itunes here.

Directed by Dan Kapelovitz

Edited by Noel Lawrence

Cinematography by Danielle Parsons

Produced by Eric Johnson, Jon Shere, and Imran Masood

Additional Cinematography by Eric Johnson and Dan Kapelovitz

Words and Music by Ariel Pink and Kim Fowley

Starring Ariel Pink, Don Bolles, Szandora LaVey, Heavy Thundar, Rich Polysorbate, Thor Thundershield, Alicit Hollywood Hastings, Paul Vile, the Jelloman, and Chicken Boy as himself.

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