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[December 11 2013] : art

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here trailer

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here trailer by Amei Wallach

From the creators of “Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine” comes the tale of artist Ilya Kabakov and his wife and partner Emilia, who return to Russia to install a retrospective show after having fled their home country more than 20 years earlier to move to New York. Kabakov uses his harrowing experieces of having survived war, famine, and witnessing his mother’s struggle, to create art that illuminates the dreams of millions by confronting his soviet past. Their arrival in Moscow presents Ilya with concerns of how his work will be recieved by a generation who grew up after communism fell- if there will be a resonance for people who did not experience it directly. But there are powerful themes in Kabakovs work that supereceed any generational gaps. His interrogation into the double sided nature of Soviet life, the dichotomy between the public domiatation of the state by propoganda and private life behind closed doors is a critique of the system as powerful and pertinent as ever. The film is now screening at select theatres world wide.

Director and Producer: Amei Wallach
Editor and cinematographer: Ken Kobland
Co-producer: Kipjaz Savoie MEAD HUNT,

Cinematographer: Mead Hunt with Robert Storr, Dr. Mikhail Piotrovsky, and Dasha Zhukova
In collaboration with the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
presented by Festival “DIAGHILEV. P.S.” and JTI

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