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[August 1 2014] : love

Goodnight London starring Olivier Barthelemy

Goodnight London starring Olivier Barthelemy by Jem Goulding

Following the success of her documentary at the Marfa Film Festival last month, the enigmatic West Texas art community has invited artist and poetess de force Jem Goulding back to screen her repertoire to date, at the Crowley Theatre Annexe on August 20th. The presentation of short-form film and artist talk will recommence the “Future|Cults” salon series; a curated tour of screenings and talks by experimental filmmakers from the avante garde world.

Marfa attendees will watch an exclusive triptych of Goulding’s film work compromising of “The Bone Echo” (2010); her visually adapted poem starring Alice Dellal which features an original score by Sonic Youth, The Fragile Balance (2013): her acclaimed documentary on a young lost Sergei Polunin and her recent collaboration with band MONEY; an mini epic inspired by their evocative single “Goodnight London” and starring brooding French actor Olivier Barthelemy.

“Goodnight London” which is now the official 8 minute promo for the track, has stoked excitement in Goulding’s craft as a writer and director. In this film, her unique abilities in abstract image making and layered storytelling mean she portrays some visceral action with gentile grace. Barthelemy’s performance is disarming and depressing, as he personifies metaphoric nuances of confused identity and Goulding’s intimate muse en scene. We at purple TV are pleased to screen this beguiling, modern love story with a twist.

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