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[May 31 2016] : music

Goin Out

Goin Out by Ona

Purple TV presents the premiere of Goin Out by New York performance artist, musician, dancer, and model OnaOna (real name Leah Schrager) is interested in the line, movement, biography, and digital virality of the female body. In 2010 she founded a new form of therapy as Sarah White, The Naked Therapist, and has co-curated the female-positive BodyAnxiety.com exhibition online. Her current project is Ona, an artist and musician, evolved out of the question of celebrity as art practice. Here Purple gets to knwo a bit more about the transitional Ona.  Her first EP, “Sex Rock,” is out now.

PURPLE — If you weren’t yourself, who would you be? 

ONA — A yoga teacher? Edward Snowden?

PURPLE — Where is the name Ona from? 

ONA — I chose it because within the word are my artistic interests: onanism, ownership, oneness, women (in Japanese), and internet persONA.

PURPLE —What do you do when you ‘go out’? 

ONA — I party, drink, dance, rock’n’roll, and go on art adventures, photo-shooting escapades, snapchat journeys. Going out and going up (online to the cloud) are really linked for me, and so much fun.

PURPLE — What is naked therapy? 

ONA — Naked Therapy is an alternative helping method I founded in 2010 under the name Sarah White. It is a form of talk therapy during which the therapist and/or client become naked and that nakedness is used to facilitate more powerful, meaningful and unique client insights.

PURPLE — Tell us about naked Snapchat. 

ONA — I have a private Snapchat account that’s only for members of my naked website, OnaGram.com. On it I share naked selfies, in progress naked art, naked music videos to my EP, pre-sex naked snaps, and more.

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