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[November 15 2013] : art


Future/Perfect by Tara Subkoff

Purple TV presents the full version of Future/Perfect by Tara Subkoff. For the Venice Biennale 2013, Subkoff created an art performance and installation starring Milla Jovovich. Sponsored by Marella with props donated by Art Production Fund, Subkoff created a glass habitat “house” composed of new and recycled plexiglass, recycled glass materials and re-purposed wood. Within this transparent habitat, Milla Jovovich played out a day in the life of the ultimate consumer – a performance that lasted more than 5 hours. Inside the structure was furniture, and technology devices: a smartphone, laptop, and tablet; the focus remains on the tools for modern and futuristic consumerism. Milla Jovovich, remained in the glass habitat for more than 5 hours, depicting a full 24-hour day within that timeframe. Throughout the performance she remained isolated in the glass confines, ordering art and other beautiful objects using the Internet – playing the role of the ultimate consumer. As she continued to order more and more, the entire habitat began to fill up with packages. Delivered through windows in the walls and roof of the structure, the ceaseless delivery of art packages filled up the space until Jovovich became overwhelmed and “fainted” from exhaustion. This art performance became a focal point for visitors to the Venice Biennale, and was distinguished as a social experiment.

Props from notable artists from around the world art were delivered to Jovovich in her “habitat”, including Richard Phillips, Nate Lowman, Hanna Liden, Justine Lowe and Jonah Freeman. In addition, Art Production Fund contributed art props from top artists such as Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Yoko Ono, Barbara Kruger, Richard Phillips, Julian Schnabel, Karen Kilimnik, John Baldessari, Cecily Brown, and Rikrit Tiravanija.

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