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[January 14 2014] : Television

Entr’Acte (1924)

Entr’Acte (1924) by Rene Clair / Erik Satie

In it’s 90th year we celebrate and look at the avant-garde short film Entr’acte (1924) by French filmmaker and writer Rene Clair. Made as an intermission piece for the Ballets Suedois production of Relache, a Dada theater work that premiered in Paris in 1924, based on a book and with settings by Francis Picabia. The ballet’s director, Picabia, gave Rene Clair a short scenario around which to build the film, and Erik Satie composed an original score to accompany it. Key figures of the contemporary Parisian art world make cameo appearances in the film, including Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Borlin (director of the Ballets Suedois), Georges Auric, Picabia, and Clair himself. As Picabia declared, Entr’acte “respects nothing except the right to roar with laughter.”

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