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[February 25 2014] : music

DIIV performing Doused at Painted Black

DIIV performing Doused at Painted Black by Matte

A live music video from DIIV’s performance at MATTE’s Painted BLACK concert at Irving Plaza on February 20th 2014. “The microbial elements that would ultimately form DIIV began to stir when Smith, after incubating as a touring guitarist for the aquatically classified Beach Fossils, returned from one too many road stints and opted to set sail on his own craft. In a sweltering Bushwick artist’s studio, he worked alone in the dog day afternoons of a New York summer. It’s the kind of heat that increases a 911 dispatcher’s level of domestic violence calls and makes the asphalt shimmer like an urban dessert mirage. Perhaps it’s no wonder that the resulting album comes streaming with melodic rivulets. Oshin is a relief, a cool, cerulean expanse with only the slight curve of a horizon line ahead. From the instrumental opening track, “Druun”, Smith briefly, convincingly beckons to the listener to join him and his crew (which includes Devin Ruben Perez, former Smith Westerns drummer Colby Hewitt, and Mr. Smith’s childhood friend Andrew Bailey — all water signs, as it happens), ensnaring ears with the siren’s song of what might lay on the other side. Or more importantly, the allure of adventure that could happen along the way. Once hooked, you’re in for the ride, traversing sounds that suck you in like a swirling eddy,” said Aja Pecknold in Purple Fashion magazine issue 20. Read more about DIIV here.


Shot by Nate Best and Elan Alexenberg

Edited by Elan Alexenberg


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