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[July 30 2013] : art

Dialogue between a soul and nature by Lola Montes Schnabel

This film is a preview of a work created by artist Lola Montes Schnabel the piece is not being shown in its entirety here but gives us a taste of the overall film. She explains “This homage to the Maestro Luigi Ontani was an act of love that shows a wandering soul who goes in search of a place where he will not be burnt by the sun or frozen by the winds a place he cannot be hurt or hurt others, ultimately find gratification from his art becoming one of his works :a souvenir of himself.” The film was inspired by a Giacomo Leopardi text and evokes the evanescence of existence and the permanence of the artistic struggle. Incorporating masks and sculptures by the artist, Ontani is the protagonist of the film who traverses these landscapes shot in beautiful pastels in the twilight of the Porette Terme landscape outside of Rome where Ontani is from and in a 11th Century moorish castle owned by an electromagnetic homeopathic doctor.

Adapted from a text by Giocomo Leopardi ” Dialogue between nature and an icelander / produced by Matthew Shattuck and Lola Montes Schnabel / Score created by Charlemagne Palestine / Camera and editing by Lola Montes Schnabel

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