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[September 13 2017] : fashion

Conner Ives presents “Ordinary people”

Conner Ives presents “Ordinary people”

Purple TV introduces the work of American fashion designer Conner Ives with a series of original videos.

“Shot in segments ranging across Vermont, Maine, and New York in the States, and in my studio in London. I explore my tendency for nostalgia and what becomes of a memory” —  Conner Ives 

But nostalgia and sentiment attached causes augmentation. Memories began to ripen, producing odor. The forgotten produce left in a bowl on the kitchen island. Last summer I asked what the purpose of a memory was. I think I understand that now  — Excerpt from the ‘Ordinary People’ dialogue.

Conner Ives “Ordinary People” S/S 2017 collection

Read the interview with Conner Ives here.

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