Purple Magazine
— The Mexico Issue #36 F/W 2021

the balance of improbabilities


photography and words by MIGUEL CALDERÓN

i traveled through various parts of mexico and saw a series of disastrous landscapes. i didn’t focus on making portraits of disaster itself, but rather on a series of moments in which objects and landscapes are in a state of disarray, ultimately forming abstract images. i began a photographic archive and discovered that many of these images looked like landscapes in a sci-fi movie. as a society, we are victims of constant, systematic media bombardment, which generates a detachment that makes us feel immune to the ongoing changes in our environment. we are also inured to normalized violence at all levels and in every aspect of our lives. this series is a firsthand study of the vulnerability and drastic alterations that surround us, which are either natural or manipulated by humans. it also explores the psychological effects that this continuous chaos has had on me. i made the aesthetic choice to portray disaster in a contemplative and hypnotic manner in order to lure the spectator into scenarios that reflect my internal conflicts.

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The Mexico Issue #36 F/W 2021

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